Boopers needs a chair, STAT!

I’ve been really good about tackling my unfinished projects, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel (and the top of my desk). What next? My son is due for a new chair, poor little guy has outgrown his Bumbo seat so it’s time for something more his size.

Looking online for a Boopers (my pet name for him) size chair, I began to think, “It can’t be THAT hard to make one of those!”. After a few searches I came across Sew Can Do – who, as chance would have it, has great tutorials to include: Choose your flair custom chair!

Perfect. Armed with inspiration and some coupons it was off to the fabric store. Following her instructions it took me about two days to put the whole thing together, and my little Boopers couldn’t be happier with his new chair!

The task at hand...Mission accomplished!Boopers on his throne!


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