Pay attention to me!

Look at me!

Big, bold, bright attention grabbers!

Raise your hand if you’d like more attention.  Go ahead, you’re in a safe place… in fact, my hand has been in the air since I was 6 years old.  Funny how things never change.  My single friends (who I love to death) always find fault with the overly make-up’d women they see at social functions, the bar, etc who unfairly seem to act like magnets for the opposite sex.  It’s not really catty, in fact they’re really saying the same thing:  “I deserve that attention!”

So I did a little research; this phenomenon is known as “Peacocking” and it not only works in the bar, but is part of nature as well.  In his book, “The Game” journalist Neil Strauss goes into great depth about his exploits in mastering the art of… well, when it comes down to it, the art of getting noticed.  He is awesome at getting the attention of the opposite sex.

The main point?   Sometimes you have to get outside your comfort zone, tease your hair up a little more than normal, wear something outlandish – Get their attention and give them something they can use to start a conversation.   Tony Endelman went out for a night on the town dressed in a hotdog costume to test the theory, he also looked like he had a great time.

Me personally, some of my favorite attention grabbers are bright and noticeable peyote stitch necklaces – they fit all the criteria – Big, bold and full of color.

Crazy can be cute!

Raccoon chic

Some quick peacocking tips:

  • Get OUT of your comfort zone!
  • Wear something outlandish
  • Wear an item in a manner other than originally intended
  • Own it.  Did Lady Ga-Ga act awkward while wearing a meat dress?  Not at all.

Question: When you head out for a night on the town, what’s your favorite tactic for getting noticed?


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