Surviving Tucson Series #3: Five things you need to survive the Tucson bead show

Ever get into the car only to go back into the house because you forgot something?  Ever get back in the car and have to do it AGAIN?  I have, but I’ve put together a must-have list of items for Tucson.  Like a gladiator in the roman coliseum who forgot his helmet, Caesar would definitely give a thumbs down for forgetting these items.

Now where are my keys...?

Ready… for… ANYTHING.

To kick this list off, my one thing I can’t do without at Tucson is a rolling suitcase.  Beads are heavy.  You will be walking miles looking at beads, you don’t need all that weight on your back and shoulders.  This one thing has saved me on multiple occasions.  Here’s four other things you should always have with you before leaving for Tucson:

  • Boxes.  If you plan on shipping anything back home you will need boxes.  Don’t expect to find any at the shows – not even the grocery stores. Plan ahead.
  • Feet protection.  Bring comfy shoes.  You’re going to do a TON of walking, don’t miss out on day 3 and 4 because your feet are killing you.  Moleskin is great to prevent or cover blisters – available at any drugstore or camping store, this one item could save your trip.   Additionally, Bodyglide is awesome at preventing chafing; sworn to work by marathoners, Grand Canyon hikers and bead show enthusiasts alike, you can find this at most running or sports stores.
  • Backup cash.  Don’t lose that perfect bead because you didn’t have enough coin.  Not every vendor will take credit.  With the invent of Square many vendors are taking plastic.  Many, but not all.  Cash is king, so make sure you have some before you enter the show.  Do not count on an ATM at the show.  They may or may not have one at your show and it may or may not be working.
  • Tax ID number.  Licensed reseller?  Don’t want to pay retail?  Make sure you have something with your Tax ID number on it to get that discount.  I print it on the back of my business card – two birds/one stone.

Make the most of your trip, don’t miss out because you forgot something.

 What’s the one thing you can’t do without at Tucson?


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