Surviving Tucson Series #6: Workshops; where do I start?

Gettin to work!

Learn something new!

If you’re already in AZ then you know that there’s so much to do that you can’t get it all in… and you also know that spots in workshops are going fast – most being booked already.  Find the workshop you want and go home having learned a new skill, stitch or trick!  First check out the workshop list and registration site to see what’s still open and what you’re interested in.  Then register and show up!

Thank you CF Originals!

Polymer cabs!

The best workshop I did was one with Christi Friesen of CF Originals.  We made polymer clay hearts.  The key to a good workshop is making the task fun and interesting and Christi was hilarious and made working with polymer a blast – so much so that I bought a few of her books afterwards.  I hadn’t had any experience with clay beforehand and it started a whole new area of beading for me.

Three more ways to get the most out of Tucson (or any bead show) workshops:

  • Keep an eye out for free classes and demos. The free ones usually last 15-30 minutes. You will learn something new and give your feet a rest.
  • Some workshops require you to bring your own supplies, make sure to have all the supplies you need before you show up to your class.
  • Bring some extra zip lock bags with you, free demo will sometimes give you samples of products

There’s still time to go home with more than just a rolling suitcase full of cabochons!  Get in a workshop and take home a souvenir you can make something beautiful with!

What’s the coolest workshop you’ve attended at a bead show?


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