Beading on the road | Taking your passion with you

How to vacation without leaving your hobby behind

Beading relaxes me – so why is it I should have to leave it behind when I’m on vacation – the time I’m supposed to be relaxing the most?!?!

My whole family has always had the travel bug. My parents drove my brothers and me to the mountains every year. Twice we even drove half way across the country for family reunions. I was trained to be a light packer before I could walk. The only problem I had was how to bring my beading projects with me. Long drives, and lots of time in camp grounds before the invention of wifi or cell phones under 20 pounds meant I had to have something to occupy my time.

I’ve tired several different things:

  • I took a CD wallet, took out all the sleeves and put some egg crate mattress foam to hold my little porcelain tray. That worked okay, except I had to use my little porcelain tray which I hated.
  • I tried just putting all of my beads in little baggies, but having to take out all of the beads, and put them back in was a time suck. Plus there was no easy way to do it in the car.

…the list goes on, some ideas more ridiculous than others.

It took years, and lots of spilled beads but I finally found a system that works for me:

Bead on the road!

Beading on the go – so simple


So simple, so wonderfully simple:

  • I take a deep bead tray
  • put a bead mat down
  • add your beads
  • when you are going to move them, put another mat on top and a book to hold it in place.

You have to be careful, and there is some bead sorting involved – but it works great for me for most of my trips. I put my extra needles, thread and scoop in a little bag and I’m ready to go. Next, I had to figure out how to make it work for air travel…( to be continued)

Leave a comment – I’d love to hear of any ideas you’ve discovered for better travel with beads!


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