Beading on the Road | Open Skies

Breeze through security AND avoid those overly intimate moments in secondary screening

TSA approved thread cutting

Form and function!

Airline travel can pose a few challenges when it comes to your bead projects. You have even more limited space, and you want to be considerate to those around you. Your main concerns are your tools. You can’t bring scissors on a plane with you, but Clover makes a thread cutter that fits on your key chain, and it works great.

Pliers:  If you need pliers you should always check the airline’s policy on pliers, wire snips are definitely out, but some smaller chain nose and needle nose pliers can sometimes be brought on the plane. If you do decide to take pliers, you might want to consider not taking your best pliers with you. There is always a chance that there will be a hiccup at security and they might take your pliers. While leaving behind any tools stinks, at least if won’t be your best pair, which can be heartbreaking.

Bead Scoops:  This is where I always had a problem. My main scoops are both pointy and long, and almost never allowed on with me. I then found these little scoops that are not only nonthreatening, but also cute as all get out, and can be used as your token in Monopoly if the dog is already taken!

TSA got nothing on me!

The scoop on scoops

Keep in mind which projects travel better than others:
  • Your free-form peyote that has a dozen+ different beads in it? Probably not the best idea.
  • That square stitch bracelet with 4 colors?  Better choice.

I use a two-fold system. I have a plane project, and a destination project. I check all my beads for the destination project that I can set up at the hotel. My plane project is a simpler project, usually just chain maille or a crochet project. Done right, you can both entertain yourself on long trips AND get some of those projects that have been piling up out of the way!

How do you take your pretties with you when you travel?


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