Essential beading tools you may have overlooked

When you pick up a new craft there is always that dilemma of what to spend your money on tools or supplies.

Bead-Mat_BlogBeading doesn’t have to cost a fortune to get into – I started at 13 with money from my allowance.  It took me a while to figure it out, and I did end up with tools that I didn’t really need.  So, to avoid anyone else falling into the same trap I’d like to share my essential tool list.

When someone wants to get into beading I always recommend these four things:

  • Normal-Scoops_BlogBead Mats – These are an absolute must! They help keep your beads in place while your designing or beading. When I first started beading I would use a wash cloth on a Frisbee. It didn’t help, the beads would run away and hide in the loops. Save yourself the frustration, get a bead mat!
  • Bead Scoops – When you are putting your beads away, or need to sort them these guys help make your life way easier. Less spills, quick pick up, easy sorting? Worth it.
  • Needle-Safe-BlogNeedle Safe – Little boxes with magnets on either side the keep your needles in place and easy to find. I have an unnatural fear of stepping on a needle and it breaking off in my foot. My needle safe gives me a little piece of mind.  I also put labels on mine to help keep them organized.
  • Craft Light – Bad lighting can lead to head aches, the grumpies, and abandoned projects. Even if you are beading in a well lit room you will be amazed at the difference these things can make. I use a table top Ottlite and I love it. I then had to go get another one so my hubby would stop stealing mine.

OttLiteThere you have it. Four things that can make your life easier. They may not be as pretty as the beads, but what they lack in beauty they make up for in usefulness.

It’s just like what Red Green would say “If women don’t find you handsome, they should at least find you handy”

What tools can you not live without?


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