Luck be with you! Irish patterns for the holiday!

Download below

Field o’ Shamrocks

Yay! St. Patrick’s day is right around the corner! Behind Halloween and Christmas, this is my third favorite holiday and I’ll tell you why (though you may already have guessed):

Good beer, great friends, and Guinness chocolate cupcakes with Bailey’s butter cream frosting…  Plus! Never in the year are there more clothes for sale in my favorite color, definitely a bonus!

Click the link below to download!

Shamrock Square

St. Patty’s day also marks the start of Spring for me.  It signals that we’ve made it through the holiday gauntlet and finished putting our lives back together from the extra days off in January, and THEN powered through February, the coldest longest month of the year despite being the shortest.

It’s Spring time, I call it. Now is the time to dig your heels into that New Year’s resolution, clean off that shelf, and wish for some luck in the year that will be.

To celebrate, I’ve made some Shamrock patterns to spread the luck o’ the Irish!  Click on the links below and enjoy these free patterns!  I’ve created some myself so if you decide that beading isn’t quite your forté, you can find the Field of Shamrocks and Shamrock Square bracelets hanging out at my shop, waiting to celebrate the big day.

I wish everyone the best of luck this year!!!

Click on the links here for the free patterns (in pdf format): Field_of_Shamrocks  Shamrock_Square

Already been lucky this year? What was your luckiest moment?


2 thoughts on “Luck be with you! Irish patterns for the holiday!

  1. I’m trying to convince Gunnar to be born on St Patrick’s Day. Plans include green dyed raspberry leaf tea and a shamrock themed mani/pedi. I bet Guiness/Baileys cupcakes couldn’t hurt the process 😉

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