World’s oldest gem found

Have you seen this?

Holy cow, that is awesome!!! The world’s oldest gem, and it’s a beautiful blue.
It’s super small, “about twice the diameter of a human hair” according to the article. But still, this thing is 4.4 BILLION years old.

– Give me a second while the kid in me giggles with wonder and awe –

You know we are talking old when geologist say it’s old. They sniff at rocks that are 60 million years old like they were young pups.

The video in the article has a phone interview with Professor of Geology at the University of Wisconsin, John Valley. He gives a description of Zircons, how they are formed, and what test they used to determine the age. At one point he casually mentions he has a grad student doing the same tests on zircons from the moon. Zircons from the moon!
Oh geologists are so coy.

I have only found old bottle caps in my yard. But if something this small can be so cool, I should pay closer attention.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever found in the dirt?


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