Toggles: Are they safe for a bracelet?


I’ve met a few people who were hesitant to use toggles on their jewelry, especially bracelets. So let’s dig a little deeper and explore this alternative closure.

Fibonacci clasps

Toggle ring and bar clasp

How do they work?
A toggle is a ring and bar clasp. You slide the bar part of the clasp through the ring and voila. The bar sets across the ring keeping your jewelry clasped.

Will they fall off?

Are you sure? I had a bracelet with a toggle and it kept falling off.

If you have problem with a bracelet that has a toggle falling off it is probably one of two things happening (or both)

  1. Your bracelet is too long. If you bracelet is loose on your wrist the toggle won’t work because it has too much play and can come loose. If you shorten your bracelet it will fix this problem.
  2. Your toggle bar is too small. Make sure the bar you use came with the toggle or, if you swap out the bar, use one the same size as the original bar. If the bar is too small it won’t be able to rest across the ring part of the clasp and will fall off.

Why use a toggle anyway?

Toggles make clasping your bracelets and necklace by yourself easier. No more having to bug roomies or significant others to get your jewelry on or off. Plus they look great, like a part of the design (sometimes they are!) instead of a plain old spring clasps at the end.

Do you have a favorite clasp for your bracelets?


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