Here be dragons! | Polymer Clay and Game of Thrones

DragonsSo, umm, can I just say I’m SUPER excited for the next season of Game of Thrones to start. I love the scenery and the costumes but mostly the dragons (okay – mostly Jon Snow). While showing my sister-in-law some techniques for polymer clay I made some cabs that remind me of dragon scales. I stitched them up into some authentic Dragon Mother looking pendants and now I’m even more excited for the stories to start!

So what is Polymer clay?  According to the folks at Polymer Clay Superstore,

“It is an oven bake modeling material composed of polymers, resins, coloring agents and fillers… not a natural clay, it is man-made from a plastic, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) base”

Click here to see more pics on the storefront!

Three dragons, three pendants!

Which basically means that while you COULD bake it in an easy bake oven, you wouldn’t want to.  Use a separate oven to *bake* your clay, Polymer and food should not mix.

Making jewelry out of polymers is surprisingly easy and can lead to some amazing results if you have a solid plan to begin with.  I heart all things cabochon, so my go-to is a flat backed cab ready to be transformed into something the Dragon Mother would be proud to show off!

Have you ever made a craft inspired by your favorite show?


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