Mother’s Day: The Perfect Reason For a Holiday!

Why we think Mother’s Day is the perfect, most genuine of holidays:

May 11.  It’s just around the corner and, in my humble opinion, one of the best holidays of the year.  There’s a lot of holidays out there that seem to be pretty random and some that are maybe…just maybe a wee bit commercial (I’m talking to you, Mr. Saint Valentine).

But not Mother’s Day, and I’ve got proof!  I put together (with the help of my sister) our top three favorite tributes to mom that perfectly embody the holiday.

The perfect way to celebrate the perfect holiday!

Mother’s Day done right!


And to mark the perfect holiday occasion, we’ve created what I like to call, the perfect gift for Mother’s Day.  It’s a Generation Pendant, using your family’s birthstones; the perfect way to remind mom of her greatest accomplishments and say thanks at the same time!
…my brother and I are too late on this since mom and grandma already have one (the downside of having a jewelry making sister), but you can be the first to give one to your mother, wife or grandmother!

How do you plan on celebrating the perfect holiday?


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