I call a mulligan! (Part 1: The Pink Bracelet)

Have you ever wanted a re-do? Most of the time I can finish a project and walk away happy. Sometimes I’ll be on the fence about it for a while before I come around.

But… there is one bracelet that has haunted my mind since the moment I finished it.

It was the first embroidered cuff bracelet I ever made; it was for my best friend’s little sister Jiminy. It was also pink, which is not my favorite color. It turned out to be a hideous monstrosity.

So why did I give it to her looking the way it did?  I probably just wanted it as far away from me as possible.

So many things went wrong:

  • I cut the backing too small, twice.
  • I snipped some thread trimming the interfacing.
  • I couldn’t finish it off right.
  • It was just a mess.

After I had a few more embroidered cuffs under my belt I wanted another crack at it. The only problem…? she wouldn’t give it back. What she wasn’t aware of; however, is that I’m as stubborn as a mule and as patient as a spider. There were a few ‘bracelet kidnapping’ attempts, but she always caught me and eventually started hiding the bracelet anytime I was around.

Things quickly escalated.

Things quickly escalated.


After years of waiting, an opportunity presented itself: She need another bracelet I had made for her shortened – an easy fix. Once done, I then held it for ransom. Genius.
I won (of course) eventually; a time and date have been arranged for the release. I will have my re-do!

What’s your mulligan project?


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