I call a mulligan! (Part 2: The exchange)

After a tense exchange I finally had the cuff back.

I’m going out on a limb here by sharing with you what he look likes (if Lorde can post a selfie without makeup, I guess I can share this). Don’t judge to harshly, we all start somewhere…
When I look at him I feel like Frankenstein and he is my monster. I must have found ALL of the pink beads in the store and tried to use them all. I forgot the most important lesson my grandmother taught me “sometimes less is more.”

I left him on my desk for a few days while I finished up a few projects. Staring at him. Sometimes hating it, other times pitying him. This was worse than looking though my old artwork (and I use the word artwork loosely) from grade school.

Once my plate was cleared I was ready to take him apart:


Who’s the monster now?!?!


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