Accessorizing 101: The Statement Piece

You found it, the perfect piece! You’ve been looking for something like this forever; but now that you’ve found it, what do you pair it with???
There is a trick to accessorizing a statement piece, and that trick, my fashion loving friend, is simplicity.  Don’t overdo it. Unless you’re in a Lady GaGa-esque meat suit, the statement piece should be the focus of your entire outfit.
Next time you’re at a party look around, you’ll see at least one or two; the overloaded jewelry wearers. They have the piece they love, which is beautiful, but then they take all the attention away from it by adding too many other statement pieces. The outfit looks cluttered and distracting.

Some tips to consider before deciding to wear a statement piece:

  • Work around a main piece or article of clothing. If your outfit is busy or has patterns, best to go with simple accessories.
  • Ask yourself: Am I featuring or accentuating something else with this piece?  If so, you’ve nailed it! Get out there and wow your friends!
  • Know which accessories in your wardrobe are accent pieces and which are statement pieces. Separate them and use accordingly.  I literally have organized my closet this way (no judging).
So let’s take a look at a couple of examples to show you what I mean:
Zinnia's Journey

Zinnia’s Journey – A Statement Piece


This necklace on the left is a statement piece:  Bright colors, bold curves and shapes makes this one better off worn with a solid color top or dress.

Joan of Arc Sheepskin Jasper

Joan of Arc with Sheepskin Jasper – An Accent Piece






The necklace on the right is an accent piece: with muted, monotone colors, it complements patterns or busier prints perfectly without taking away from the outfit as a whole.

So go have fun trying on those beloved and new outfits with your accessories! The more attention you pay to your outfits, the easier this will become.

Do you have any pieces in your jewelry box just dying to be worn, but not sure how? Let us know and we’ll give you our personalized feedback!


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