Finding Your “Inspivation”

This post is brought to you by writer’s block. And if you’re wondering, yes, I did mean to type “Inspivation” and no, it’s not a typo. To me, inspiration and motivation are highly connected and go hand in hand; therefore, I found morphing the two words felt right. Motivation and inspiration are two significant pieces you need to complete the most mundane task or to create your masterpiece.


Walking through nature with this guy can be inspirational too 🙂

I’ll admit it – over the last week I’ve felt slightly lack luster in the writing and creativity department of my brain. Call it writer’s block or being stuck “in a rut”, my motivation was nowhere to be found likely because I wasn’t feeling inspired. Everyone can relate to this feeling, but not many people realize that this uninspired feeling is a good thing. It means inspiration is coming in one form or another – what goes up must come down, yes? I recently opened up a brand new cookbook and became entranced. The recipes, the beautiful photos, the stomach grumbling… I want to cook ALL THE RECIPES!!! And there you have it, I became inspired with new ideas. I suddenly became motivated to write, to make meal plans, to make new pieces; motivation came to me like a jolt of caffeine.

Feeling uninspired can lead to lack of motivation, but just remember – inspiration is just around the corner. Check out new blogs (I read A TON of blogs), new magazines, books, quotes, a soul-cleansing yoga session, photos of things you love, anything!

What is your go-to when feeling uninspired?


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