You’re losing money by not accessorizing!

It’s true!

If you’re not accessorizing, you’re not getting the most out of your current wardrobe.

So tell me, how much is your wardrobe budget?  And how much of that are you spending on accessories? According to those in the know, 25% of your budget should be going towards accessories! That number seemed high to me too, until I sat down and wrote a list of why accessories can be the added punch to your wardrobe.


My preciousssss

Why Accessories are Awesome:

  • Accessories are cheaper than clothing
  • Accessories can be worn over and over again with different outfits.
  • Accessories can change the look of an outfit completely
  • Accessories are easier to travel with than bringing multiple sets of clothes

Still wearing those same studs day in and day out? Don’t get stuck in a rut, it’s alright, we know they go with everything and you love them. How about mixing it up just one day a week and trading them in for a set of short, dangly earrings? Get outside your comfort zone; you may just love them and your wardrobe will look fresh every time  🙂

The same outfit can be transformed and worn again with different colored shoes and belt plus a distinctly different necklace and bracelet.  Treat life as your runway, don’t get held back because your closet or purse aren’t big enough for a Kardashian sized wardrobe!

How do YOU use accessories to multiply your wardrobe?


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