Trend Alert: Blue Jean Baby

L-A layyyydayyyy, seamstress for the baaand…

Sorry, didn’t see ya there as I was too busy singing at the top of my lungs… But I digress, the real purpose of this post is to talk about blue jean jackets. They’re a thing (again). These babies seem to pop in and out of fashion every few years. If you don’t have one now, buy one, wear it until they are old news, hold on to it a few years, and then it will become popular again. I’m serious. The jean jacket I am currently wearing (literally) is from high school. Meaning I bought it in high school when they were popular, wore it, kept it, and am now wearing it again. The crazy cyclical world of fashion, right?

summer jean jacket look

Summer – Maxi Season!

fall jean jacket look

Fall – Fresh and Fabulous!

But what’s so great about them that they keep showing up again and again? Versatility. You can wear jean jackets with anything. I’ve even seen the “Canadian Tuxedo” gaining popularity (blue jean jacket and blue jeans), but not sure if that look is for me. Too much.. jean… Anywho, these babies can be paired with colored skinny jeans, skirts, yoga pants, and my personal favorite with maxi dresses. Take these jackets from summer to fall with a few quick tips:

  • Trade in your maxi/skirt for colored or funky printed skinny jeans. I love the snake skin design on these jeans (even though I’m terrified of snakes!)
  • Pair the fall look with simple flats – boots may be too much with this particular look. The crisp and fresh look of the denim jacket may be bogged down with heavy boots.
  • If you go with printed jeans, wear a toned down top.
  • Last but not least, JEWELS! Personally, I love denim jackets with a thick bracelet or **wrist party** LINK TO WRIST PARTY BLOG POST*** , small dangly earrings or studs, and a thin necklace or no necklace at all.

Jean jackets are not the same as they were in the 80s with their bedazzled backs; they are fashionable, functional, and comfortable. I had fun putting together this look (and got some inspiration from my own closet!) and hope you try it out.

Are there any other trends that made a comeback from your youth?


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