How to Pick the Perfect Necklace Length

Do you ever shop for necklaces online and wonder: What will this look like? How do I pick the right necklace length? Will this look weird with my outfit?

As a quick guide, most necklaces are around 20 inches, which will place the necklace on most women around the base of the neck by the collar bone. Consider this your safe zone as this length looks great on everyone. Depending on how outside the box you want to get, consider going longer (infinity anyone?) or shorter until you get to the choker. I have several different lengths at the ready and I still try on a few different lengths depending on my outfit and occasion.

Barcelona Necklace

Barcelona Choker – Yes it’s chic, but will it work?

Next time you’re in a jewelry shop or shopping online and see a few necklaces you’d love to purchase, take our following points into consideration before deciding which ones to buy:

Type of Neck

If you are looking at purchasing a choker, remember that a choker looks great on long and thin necks, but can accentuate a short and wide neck. Try a longer necklace (20″ or longer) to elongate your neck.


Face Shape

Oval faces can typically wear most necklace lengths while round faces may want to pick a longer necklace (i.e. non-choker) for a slimming effect. Both heart shapes and rectangular faces alike can benefit from a choker as well as longer lengths.


Along with your wardrobe, your lifestyle and personality may reveal your ideal necklace length. If you attend formal events or just love dressing up, more dramatic necklace lengths (short or long) may be appropriate. If you maintain a more casual lifestyle, stick with the 18″-24″ range for everyday use.

Know your limits

How low can you go?

These are just a few considerations to take into account when buying a new necklace. Check out our graphic for a general idea of where a necklace will lay based on its length.

We know that sometimes you see that one statement piece and just have to have it regardless of color, shape, or if it goes with anything in your closet.  That doesn’t mean you can’t make that piece work for you: If it’s too long, try a shorter length, or have it shortened if there isn’t an adjustable chain; if it’s too showy wear a muted color top or dress. The next time you’re jewelry shopping, think of these tips and we’re sure you’ll come away with a winner!

What has been your biggest challenge in finding the right necklace?



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