Introducing our Halloween Collection

Thanks to this week’s Autumn equinox, it is officially fall meaning all our PSL’s, Fall candles, and cozy socks can be drank, lit, or worn without feeling as if we jumped the gun. While the weather ’round these parts still reeks of summer, each morning brings the crisp, fall air that I enjoy on my morning walks. Sigh, is there anything better?

With Fall underway, a visit to your local grocery store will tell you that Halloween is not only on the horizon but just a few short weeks away. Mamas will start putting together their kid’s costumes, candy will be bought (and perhaps re-bought), party invites will come knocking on your door. As an adult, Halloween is a difficult holiday because I never know what to wear! I don’t want to look dorky, un-festive, or *ahem* like a tart.

Well ladies, we made accessorizing for Halloween easier and created a Halloween-themed jewelry line! Whether you’re trick-or-treating with your kids, handing out candy, or just simply wanting to show your Halloween spirit around the office or at a party, any of these pieces are perfect. Take a peek at our website to see what we’ve created and let us know what you think!

Which Halloween piece do you love the most?


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