I Call A Mulligan (Part 4 – Mission Accomplished)

Caution: Work in progress!

Do I sense closure on the horizon?

Cut scene to mad scientist workshop: After 16 hours of work, my monstrosity was reborn, just in time for spring. (hmmm… is that a rebirth metaphor?) In the end, I’m quite happy with the final progress… I mean, it’s still pink, but you can’t win them all.

What I love the most about bead embroidery is that you can go in with a plan, and it changes and evolves as you go. I like to think of it as a therapeutic, organic process (I’m in downward dog as I write this).

You will be remembered

In memoriam

As any good surgeon, I tried to save as much of the old bracelet as possible… I have a little surprise planned for her (cue evil genius laughter – mwahahaha).

Cut to final scene: I returned the cuff and I think it went over well… there was no tiger pit or windowless van at the rendezvous point at any rate. Someday she might even forgive me for tearing apart her bracelet.


My Frankenstein!

The original horror

See, it was worth it!

A job well done!

It was for the best

Mulligan’d at last

What’s your latest re-do wish or mulligan moment?


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