My Aha Moment: Less is More

Well this is just scary...

Well this is just scary…

When I was younger, my outfits and accessory choices were easily characterized by three words: “More is more.” I wore several colors, prints, and fabrics in one outfit to express my personality and stand out. I certainly stood out… but not in the way I had hoped.
Flash forward to a couple years ago, staring into an overflowing closet, I had a typical girl moment: I had “nothing to wear.” As I stood back and looked at my wardrobe, I realized why I felt that way: A majority of my wardrobe was fun prints, busy patterns, and bright colors. No wonder I had “nothing to wear”… I was sick of the busy nature of my clothes and desperately needed to add some basic pieces.
Unfortunately, at that stage in my life the word “basic” was synonymous with boring. I thought if I just went out and bought a NEW fun print, it would solve my problem. And it did… for about a month… which is when I got tired of that top too.

The Aha moment:

I had bought a cute statement necklace and wanted to wear it out one night. I realized I literally had nothing to wear it with, as none of my blouses or dresses were subdued enough to let the necklace do the talking. So I started buying tops that were only one color, sans big prints and found that basic didn’t mean boring! You can easily avoid boring, especially when you’re standing out with your accessories.

I’ve slowly built up my basic wardrobe collection over the last couple years and am doing my best to apply the “Less is More” approach to my wardrobe (although I’m still learning what that actually means – recovery is a long process!)

What was your Aha moment in fashion or life choices?


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