Ain’t No Party Like a Wrist Party

Wrist Party [rist pahr-tee] noun :  The act of wearing several different but complementary bracelets on one arm.

When the wrist party trend started gaining popularity, I couldn’t help but think of the sound my 9th grade gym teacher’s wrists used to make when she violently shook her arm while wearing 10 silver bangles. I just know she purposefully moved her arms to make her bangles clink and clank.

I wouldn’t say she was ahead of her time with the wrist party idea, as she simply wore 10 of the same bracelet, but she may have been onto something. Why wear one cute bracelet when you could wear… say FIVE cute bracelets?

Before you run out and join the wrist party movement, know that there is some technique with wrist parties – throwing on five random bracelets may qualify as a wrist party but may not always give the desired put-together effect. Case in point: the picture on the left has WAY too much going on with big bracelets, different styled jewelry, very busy. Now let’s take a look at the picture on the right:  they are different but complement each other, there is a simplistic element in this wrist party, and the thick wrap around bracelet gives the illusion of multiple bracelets when in reality you’re only wearing two items.




Ahh, much better!








So there you have it! Play around with your bracelets, throw a couple new ones in the mix, and you’ll get a polished look for a night out on the town or dressing up a simple outfit.

How do you wrist party?


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