Friday Favorites!

I recently went to a get-together with local women with a common interest: They love to bead. This is a relatively new group with many new members and instead of just serving adult beverages and appetizers, the organizer came up with a clever icebreaker in which we all eagerly participated. She called it a “Favorite Things” party where everyone brought three of their favorite things (or three of the same thing) and each person in attendance went home with three new favorite things from other folks. Now as cheesy as this sounds, I found it incredibly interesting learning what each woman considered to be her favorite thing.

Each favorite thing varied from person to person, there were kitchen utensils, different types of mascara, snacks, stationary, coffee gift cards, and of course beading-related objects. Being a bead group, there were favorite pliers, trowels, tweezers, you name it. When I came home (with three new goodies!!!) I felt inspired by the evening spent with those who understand my world, and took a look at my own bead room and at some of my favorite things.


My pretties…

Favorite Tool:

Well two actually, my Linstrom flat nose and round nose pliers. You are always going to need pliers in almost every form of jewelry making. These babies are the best, they fit comfortably in your hands (even my funny little ones), and slip less when in use. Kinda pricey, but ohh soo worth it!

Favorite Bead:

Delicas. No matter what new technique I learn or new medium I work with, my first and true love will always be seed beads. Tiny beautiful treasure that seem like nothing at all can be used to make such awesome things. It’s almost like magic to me.

Favorite Piece:

Right now, I’m enjoying (and learning) working with leather. I’ve experimented with a couple bracelets and think I finally perfected a few! Stay tuned for an unveiling…

What are things you’re loving right now?


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