Never Growing Up: The Peter Pan Collar Necklace

I find myself perplexed regarding this trend and have been googling Collar Necklace images all morning as I don’t own this type of necklace let alone know how to pull one off. I’ve found most of the images are of teenagers or women in their early 20’s. Can women past the age of 30 wear a collar necklace without looking like we’re trying too hard? As I’m not yet entirely sure, let’s figure this one out together – mmkay?


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So where did this design start? Collar is actually the old school word for necklace; probably Latin origins, but the French word for necklace is ‘collier’ (thanks JC for the translation!).  This style though is effectively known as the “Peter Pan” collar.  The P2 collar was made popular in 1905 by Maude Adams in her portrayal of Peter Pan on Broadway. Since then, the trend has popped up here and there but really gained popularity in the last year or two. The versatility of this trend is really amazing as these necklaces are made with jewels, metals, fabrics, studs, even fur. What I believe is the key to successfully wearing a collar necklace is keeping the rest of your outfit fairly feminine. A cute high-wasted skirt, a little black dress, something with a feminine but not too girly feel.

Now that we know a little more about this trend, let’s put an outfit together. Got your collar necklace? Good. Got an air of confidence? Not quite? Try the “fake it until you make it” approach, as feeling confident in your outfit is especially important when trying out something new. For the outfit, let’s start out slow with a little black dress or a simple blouse and high-wasted skirt combo. Keeping the outfit simple is the key for normal (read: non-model) women.

So, what’s my verdict? Yes, women over 30 can rock the collar necklace trend so long as they feel confident in their own skin and outfit before heading out the door. Start with simple pieces so as not to detract or overpower your necklace. You can do it!!!

Have you tried a collar necklace? What are other trends you’ve been curious to try?


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