How Soon is Too Soon? A Christmas Decoration Dilemma

Every year, the same disagreement. Every year, the same outcome. Halloween came and went (how many Frozen costumes did you see!?) and now it’s time to start thinking about the rest of the holiday season. Thanksgiving will be here soon enough filled with foodonfoodonfood and then it’s Christmas time! However… must we wait on listening to Christmas music until Thanksgiving is over?

I think not!

Which leads us to the same disagreement my husband and I have each year: How soon is too soon to start listening to Christmas music?

Like most of you (I’m sure), my husband believes listening to Christmas music and decorating the house should happen AFTER Thanksgiving. I on the other hand, believe listening to Christmas music is appropriate once Halloween is over; ie, November 1st. We go back and forth on this issue each year, never able coax the other to our side of the argument. So what happens? I start listening to Christmas music with headphones on and wait until the day after Thanksgiving to decorate.


Sorry I’m not sorry!

So guess what? My husband had to travel for work, soooooo in order to pass the time away…… I decorated the house. BEFORE Halloween. Blasphemy I know. But you know what? It made me feel better! Christmas to me is a cozy and comfortable time, filled with scented candles and hot tea and soup! Oh and being with the ones I love 🙂 So call me crazy for wanting to extend the beautiful feeling I get around Christmas time. I’m crazy and I like it.

I may get some flack on my views, heck I may even get flack about writing a Christmas post just barely after Halloween!

Is there anyone with me?




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