The 23 Year Struggle – Be YOU!


Oh my…

This post is dedicated to my hair.

Yes, my hair. We all know the struggles associated with our hair: loving it, hating it, figuring out what to do with it, the list goes on. We’ve all been there, are there, and will continue to “be there” as we get older. It’s a struggle that follows us even after adolescence; however, my hair is what taught me about being true to myself. Bare with me while I explain…

Do da doo, do da doo (flashback music to my high school years): I went to high school during the time when stick straight hair was cool, popular, and what everyone had. Well, not everyone. Born with frizzy and curly hair, I soon learned what a straightener was and it became my best friend. I fried my hair time and time again to achieve the, ‘oh my hair just dries naturally like this’ look throughout high school and college. I just didn’t feel put together unless my hair was straight.

“my hair is what taught me about being true to myself”

Flash forward to the summer after college graduation: I was bored. I was bored with life in general (normal life vs. college life are not the same) and decided to play with my hair and try out this whole “natural” look. Well don’tcha know, a little product goes a long way in curly hair and I actually liked how it looked. I realized that I’d been literally damaging myself for years (even if it was just hair) in order to fit in.

Many of us, females in particular, just want to fit in well past our adolescent years but sometimes it’s just fun to stand out and be YOU! I’ve come to terms with my curly hair (with the occasional straight blow dry as old habits die hard) and now enjoy that my hair is different. I know not all trends may work for me and that’s okay. I’ll buy outfits, jewelry, make up, hair products that work for me even if that means standing out. I’m me and I like it that way.

When did you have the realization that it’s okay to be you?


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