Sweater and Sandal Weather?

The weather is changing in my neck of the woods as it’s our first week of real cold and… gulp… snow is in the forecast. I tend to enjoy snow – but only:

  • in the moment it’s actually snowing
  • and I am able to watch it while reading
  • and drinking hot cocoa
  • and I don’t have to be anywhere

I’d say that maybe happens once every winter season, and that day is glorious! But if you take a busy day filled with work and errands and add snow, that never ends well.

As real winter weather sets in and the process of layering on sweaters and boots takes longer and longer I’m reminded of my Freshman year college roommate who ALWAYS wore sandals. Rain, snow, or shine they were on her feet. Were her feet immune to the cold? Did she hate how her feet felt sweaty in boots? Perhaps she couldn’t afford any type of shoe other than a sandal? I made theories in my head and watched as she strode along to class in her puffy coat, scarf, and flip flops.

image1 (2)

One of these things is not like the other…


I finally grew the courage to ask her why she wore flip flops in the winter. Answer? She just liked wearing flip flops. Yes, her feet sometimes grew cold but she liked wearing them and that was that. That’s it? I imagined possible scenarios that made Willy Wonka seem tame… turns out, the answer was so simple. Whether you like to wear sandals in the winter, shorts all year round, Ugg boots in the summer, or a tin foil hat… You do you! So long as your choice doesn’t make you sick, I say go for it!

What do you like to wear year-round, even if it makes no sense?

Spoiler alert: I keep the house cool year-round so I can always wear a blanket 🙂


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