Cyber Monday is COMING!

Zinnia's Journey 1

Take advantage of our Cyber Monday special, this is 50% off!!!

Happy Black Friday to you all! I hope Thanksgiving was everything and more filled with food and family. Did anyone leave Thanksgiving dinner early and head out to shop? I can barely find the energy to put on sweatpants let alone leave my house to fight the crowds for a good deal. My hat’s off to ya to those of you who did. Thank goodness for Cyber Monday though, am I right? Shopping sales online in the comfort of my own home? Now, that is something I can get behind.

Over at our online store, we too will be taking part in Cyber Monday: 20% off SITE WIDE. Yes, everything will be 20% off using code CYBER. And for our families and friends Zinnia’s Journey and Fibonacci Staircase will be 50% off using codes ZINNIA and FIBONACCI, respectively, all Monday long. Go ahead and get your Christmas shopping done or maybe treat yourself to an early Christmas present! We won’t judge.

Do you leave your Christmas shopping until the last minute or get it done as soon as possible?


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