How to tell if a gemstone is real

Howdy folks! How was your Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and lonnnnnnnng weekend?!?!? We hope you had a great one spent with family, friends, and food. We sure did! It’s always hard getting back in the grind after great weekends, but I believe it’s least painful when you just jump right back to it.

So let’s begin with this blog post – how to tell if a gemstone is real or synthetic! Being in the jewelry business, we’ve learned how important it is to zero in on what it is you’re buying before making the purchase. Check out our tips on determining whether that gemstone you’re looking to buy is real or synthetic:

  • Because they are weather-worn, real gemstones often have flaws and imperfections
  • Synthetic gemstones are lab-created and made to look beautiful – if the gemstone you’re thinking about purchasing looks too perfect, it’s likely synthetic


    This better be real…

  • Synthetic gemstones have more sparkle than real gemstones
  • Real gemstones are less dense and lighter in weight than synthetic gemstones – some synthetic gemstones are made with glass which is heavier than real gemstones
  • Look out for tiny bubbles inside the gemstone or scratches on the surface, both being signs of glass, not the real deal
  • Synthetic gemstones may be uneven in color and luster as they have been dyed to hide flaws
  • If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is; synthetic gemstones can be mass produced in labs, which makes them way cheaper than real gemstones
  • Have an idea of what the stone should cost before you hit the shop, ask around at a couple different shops before buying to get a baseline
  • Beware the pressure sell

All this being said, buying a synthetic gemstone is not something to be ashamed of, it happens to the best of us… but hopefully only once. In the end, if you’re happy with the price and gemstone you purchased, that’s all that matters!

We hope you learned something today, we sure did 🙂

Ever been in a situation where you thought you got a great deal only to find out you were ripped off later? Painful, isn’t it?


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