I Got 99 Problems but a Gift Ain’t One


Generation Pendant

Only 13 days left!

We have 13 days left until Christmas! That’s what I and the rest of procrastinator nation like to call ‘an eternity’ to get our holiday shopping taken care of.  🙂 Plenty of time for those of you not done. Do yourself a favor and try not to wait until Christmas Eve to finish.

Though Cyber Monday has come and gone, I do my best to avoid the malls this time of year which are always insanity. Not to mention – you deserve to hang out by the fire with some hot cocoa instead.

What’s that you say? Still looking for ideas for your Christmas list?

In the spirit of Jay-Z, we’d like to remind you that while you may have 99 problems right now (family from out of town, preparing holiday meals, holiday plays, finals, etc) a gift ain’t one. If you still need help with what to get everybody, check out our recent post for tips on how to give a thoughtful gifts for everybody on your list.

“99 problems but a gift ain’t one”

Of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t shamelessly plug our jewelry boutique, BoudiccaNox. From earrings to bracelets to necklaces, we have something for loved ones, family members, or friends. Got a cranky aunt who is difficult to please? Our Generation Pendant is the way to go! Made to order and unique to everyone, each Swarovski crystal represents a different member of your family designated by their birthstone. Just like a family tree, at the top of the pendant you’ll find the older generations along with their spouse, any children they have, and on down line.

We’re here to help, we want you to get your shopping done early so you can enjoy the holiday season!

How’s your list looking?


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