Christmas Friday Favorites

Since we’re less than a week out until Christmas, I hope for everyone’s sanity and piece of mind that you’re done with your Christmas shopping or at least about to wrap it up (figurative and literally)! For those that haven’t started, I wish you good luck and godspeed… I don’t know how you do it. Also, Happy Hanukkah to our lovely Jewish readers! Now – back to our regularly scheduled program. A few weeks ago, I did a Friday Favorites post on some of my favorite beading tools and figured, why not do a Christmas themed version?? Below you will see things I’m loving this Friday!!

Alcatraz Christmas Tree

Because, how else would you fend off a rambunctious puppy?

1. Christmas Letters – While few and far between these days, I love a good Christmas letter highlighting the family’s year in a one page (sometimes front and back) essay. Often hilarious, I enjoy reading what people felt the need to write in a personal* letter to family and friends.

*i.e. The same letter written to all 100+ family and friends

2. Baking Extravaganzas (and the excuse to eat everything sweet for the next 6 days) – Because this one needs no explanation, I’ll leave you with this: spoiler alert, I am the real cookie monster.

3. The Opportunity to Wear Ugly Christmas Sweaters – Whether you get complimented by your friends on just how ugly your sweater is this year or by your parent’s friends who think your sweater is just “darling”, I never give up the chance to wear a huge, comfy sweater.

4. Family – While this seems obligatory, I am actually very thankful I’ll be able to spend this Christmas with my whole family. It’s becoming harder and harder to see everyone especially on Christmas and I relish our time together #blessed.

Well there you have it, Christmas wrapped up in four favorites: catching up with old friends, food, cozy sweaters, and family.

What are you loving this Friday before Christmas?


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