Best and Worst Presents Ever


JC says he actually likes the hat…


Back to life – back to reality (at least for a couple days until New Years Eve and New Years Day!)  We hope everyone had a magical Christmas and is continuing to celebrate with ringing in the new year tomorrow evening!Did Santa bring everything you had hoped?

Not to sound like greedy little brats, but when someone gives you a gift that has nothing to do with any of your interests, personal style, or taste, don’t you just wonder why? I mean, why the furry hat?  Did I ever mention how I needed a furry hat? All greediness aside, we’re bound to receive one gift that isn’t up our alley and hope to return. After all – the gift giver bought you a present with the intention you’d use it, so may as well return it for something you’ll actually use, right?? Go ahead and treat yourself to a piece of jewelry or that leather coat which didn’t make it’s way onto Santa’s sleigh.

Did anyone receive a gift so beautiful or simply something you had hoped would be under the tree? Some people have that gift-giving gene giving a gift so thoughtful you start to tear up or something you’ve been wanting badly and you know you didn’t mention it to them… I aspire to be that gift giver knowing full well I’ll never be one, sigh. Each year is another way to practice and there’s always next year, right??


Beautiful and thoughtful!

I received an ornament filled with snip-bits of my wedding invitation! What a beautiful way to document the occasion! What were some of the best (and worst) gifts you’ve ever received?


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