About me

Love me some glamour shots!
I love beads and beading and am always learning new ways to make beautiful things (polymer resin cabochons, anyone?)

Here you’ll find me musing about all things beading. I’ll be sharing tips, techniques, strategies for tackling large projects, some how-to manuals thrown in for good measure and we all love some motivation and a little confession now and then.

My goal is to share twice or more per week, but don’t hold it against me if I take the day off to chase my son around the park.

Getting into beading took time and I’ve learned a ton over the years. Putting it to paper never really occurred to me.  But thanks to a push by my family (JC, I’m talking to you) I’m sharing what I’ve learned growing up doing basic weaves and stitches, to the working in, and managing various bead stores to now running my own handmade jewelry boutique.

I hope you’ll learn lots, visit often and share your thoughts, questions, your embarrassing moments (if I’m sharing mine, you have to come clean as well!) and what you’ve learned as well!

Thanks for stopping by, let’s chat again soon, okay?
Niki ~ BoudiccaNox


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