What… exactly is a BoudiccaNox?

Near Westminster pier, London.

Boudicca memorial near Westminster pier, London.

Say it with me:  /ˈbuːdɨkə/ /nɔks/

BoudiccaNox is the amalgamation of the warrior spirit from Boudicca, Celtic warrior queen who led a revolt against Roman occupation and Nox, the shadowy, rarely seen figure from Greek mythology.

Boudicca, the Iceni king’s widow, stood up against Nero and raised a rebellion throughout East Anglia.  Unfortunately, she pushed too far and was defeated soundly; a good lesson in knowing one’s limits.  Nox (Nyx in Greek meaning night); however, seems to be well aware of when to make herself scarce.  She is rarely mentioned in mythology but when she is, it is noted that she was feared by Zeus, which, when you think about it… is not a bad thing to be known for.

Nox or Nyx

Nox (Nyx in Greek meaning: Night)


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