The BoudiccaNox story

It isn’t a super cool story of how I came up with this name, it is corny in spots, and would suck as an about us story on a website, but such is life.

I first read about Boudicca in a history book when I was about 13. It was just a little blip in the corner, most of the page was about the Romans in Celtic Britain. It was something about how she led a rebellion against the Romans, and almost won. It was probably all of five sentences long. The first thing that I thought was “that’s a cool name, when I’m older I’m going to get a chocolate lab and name her Boudicca” and then I thought “Holy cow, she almost beat the Romans!”  It took some digging around at the library but I eventually found more info on her.

Thirteen is the age where I think most girls start to go through that I’m a feminist hear me roar phase.  Not to mention just being 13… ugh, just ugh.  I watched as girls would hit boys, only to get upset when they got hit back.  You wanted to be treated on equal footing, but you want to be special?  Get bent.

“Every girl deserves sparkly things, even tomboys”

But Boudicca, she was happy with her life, and was fine with just being who she was, until the Romans came and turned her world upside down.  She took matters into her own hands, not because she was a woman and wanted people to hear her roar, but because they had taken her life, and hurt her loved ones.  This was justice… and revenge.  She wasn’t a feminist, or a woman warrior, just a person who had been backed into a corner and bit back.

It was inspirational; I didn’t want to be a strong woman, I wanted to be a strong person with my own strengths and flaws that weren’t defined by gender.  I wanted to just be me and do what I liked to do.  It was about this time when I started telling people “every girl deserves sparkly things, even tomboys”.  I climb trees, and play in the mud, I also sew and knit, and make some pretty awesome jewelry.

I did eventually get a chocolate lab, and I named her Boudicca Beth.  My husband and I weren’t married yet, and he made sure I knew that she was my dog, especially when she went to the bathroom in the house, so I decided she must have my last name.  As everyone knows, it didn’t work out, too much inbreeding. But I loved that dog, and it broke my heart to let her go.

How I came by the name Nox is less of an inspirational story.  I told my best friend Sara I didn’t like being a Nicole (sorry mom).  I didn’t mind Niki, but never felt like a Nicole, her response was that I seemed more like a Nokomus. I was pretty sure she just pulled that out of thin air, but we looked it up, and sure enough it was actually a Native American name.  It meant daughter of the moon. Perfect.  She started introducing me to people as Nokomus, and told them I went by Niki, but not Noko, too close to Yoko.  One day I had gotten the high score in a game it would only let me put in three letters, I screwed up and put Nox instead of Nok.  There happened to be friends over that night and as most good nicknames do not come intentionally, this one stuck.  So I looked it up:  Roman goddess of the night.  It was almost serendipitous.

A couple of years later I was trying to come up with a cool name to call a jewelry business. Something catchy. Mooncatcher Beads… too new-agey.  Nokom DaSigns… sounded like a wedding invitations business with lots of bamboo and Chinese symbols in the logo. Boudicca Beads… too cheesy. Boudicca Nox – now that’s something that flows, is fun to say, and isn’t super common. So I ran with it, and here we are today!


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